Roy Lichtenstein's 'The Ring (Engagement),' 1962

Check out this amazing video by Sotheby's about the artist's iconic piece from 1962 depicting the classic engagement. The video was prepared by Sotheby's as a prelude to its May 2015 auction, when Chicago art collector Stefan Edlis sold his Roy Lichtenstein painting for $41.7 million to an anonymous telephone bidder at the auction house in New York.

Mr. Edlis bought the work in 1997 from antiques-dealer Jean Marie Rossi for $2.2 million - a bargain! And get this: the French dealer originally purchased 'The Ring' in 1963 in Paris for the equivalent of $1,000 when he was only 25.

The Ring (Engagement) was created at a time of emotional flux for the artist.

"Lichtenstein was in the midst of divorcing his first wife Isabel Wilson but was also in the early throws of romance with Letty Lou Eisenhauer, a graduate student he lived with while negotiating his divorce. This tension is evident in a painting that both depicts a joyful and life-changing event, as well as capturing a moment so commonplace in popular culture that it has become a pastiche." (Sotheby's)

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