You Now Have an Extra Reason to Keep Eating that Wedding Cake

Image via Orchard + Olive

As it turns out, you may be able to have your cake and eat it too. According to an article from Time Magazine, researchers from Tel Aviv University report that eating dessert with breakfast, namely cake or cookies, can help lose more weight.

The study examined people eating strict low-calorie diets, who were assigned to two different groups; in one of the groups, subjects added a high-calorie carb to their breakfast. The carb in question? A choice of a cookie, cake, chocolate, or doughnut!

After an initial 16 weeks, both groups of dieters lost an average of 33 lb., cake orno cake. However, in the follow-up phase of the study, those in the low-carb group actually regained about 22 lb., while those who were indulging for breakfast went on to lose another 15 lb.

“The goal of a weight-loss diet should be not only weight reduction but also reduction of hunger and cravings, thus helping prevent weight regain,” said lead study author Dr. Daniela Jakubowicz. The authors of the study explain that if you completely restrict sweets and little treats, you are much more likely to eventually break down and binge. As Jakubowicz reported, “Most people simply regain weight, no matter what diet they are on … But if you eat what you like, you decrease cravings. The cake — a small piece — is important.”

Amen. Leftover wedding cake for breakfast with good luck and good health.


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