All About Settings

A setting refers to the part of the ring that holds the diamond in place. Some women like something simple, while others want a setting that is totally blinged out. Our matching process will help you determine which setting your partner will love.

First, we typically consider the color and type of metal for the setting. At Isabel Bond, we offer yellow gold, white gold and platinum. We consider her color preferences in addition to the wearability of each metal. She will wear this ring everyday for the rest of her life, so we want to make sure it matches her lifestyle. For example, if she is a doctor or a nurse and frequently uses hand sanitizer, we will recommend a platinum ring because the golds can tarnish as a result of a reaction with the sanitizer.

Platinum is typically more expensive than yellow or white gold, but it is not necessarily the best metal. When you go through the ring matching we will make sure to choose the best metal type for your partner.

Next, we consider the style of the setting. It’s a big world out there, and jewelers have created a multitude of different settings, but these are the most common templates. Once we have determined the general style, we will make sure you find the perfect ring for your partner.

Maybe she has mentioned one of the following? If so, here’s what she was talking about.

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