All About Diamonds

It may feel like you need a degree to understand diamonds. Not to fear, you don’t. All that jargon is designed to confuse you and make the purchase less transparent than it should be.

We’ll take you through the basics so you can feel knowledgeable and confident in your final purchase.

Clarity: Basically, this refers to how clear the diamond is. Of course you want that baby to sparkle, but the fact is that the difference between the best of the best (which includes a big price tag) and slightly less than the best is indistinguishable to the human eye. At Isabel Bond, we only sell diamonds that are beautiful to the human eye, meaning that she will love the sparkle and shine without you having to pay top dollar.

In jewelers terms, all our diamonds are between VVS1 - VS2.

Color: This refers to the lack of color in the stone. The less color, the more valuable. As long as you buy something between D-J you are good to go, and that’s all we stock at Isabel Bond.

Cut: The cut of the diamond is important because it affects the way the diamond sparkles. Diamonds have different edges, called facets, which should be angled and place to reflect the most light (ie. maximum sparkle). All the diamonds at Isabel Bond have been properly cut.

Through our matching process, we will help you determine the shape of the cut your partner will love. If you remember her mentioning something about ‘emerald, round, princess etc.’ here is what she meant.

Carat: This refers to the weight of the diamond, and is thus typically correlated with the size of the diamond (in some cases a diamond can be deep or shallow making it more or less carats, without affecting the look of the size). At Isabel Bond we will never sell diamonds that are too deep or shallow.

Just remember, the more carats, the more expensive the diamond. Because larger diamonds are more rare, the price typically increases exponentially as you increase in size. Not to fear though, we at Isabel Bond have many ways of making the center stone look bigger (hello, halo ring).

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