The Slyvia

This contemporary style features three emerald cut stones, closely situated on a diamond studded band. The sleek design appeals to modern sensibilities. (Think museum-goers and dinner party throwers.)


Featuring approximately 0.63 carats of emerald and round diamond side stones.


The center diamond pictured is between 1-1.25 carats.

The Slyvia

  • 1 carat medium quality: The perfect one carat with great sparkle and nearly colorless. A nice balance between size and quality! (VS1, G)


    1.2 carats medium quality: Very high sparkle and nearly colorless to the human eye. A nice balance of quality and a bit more size!  (VS1, H)


    1.3 carats minor quality: Perfect for the budget conscious who want a bit more size with nice sparkle and nearly colorless. (SI1, G)


    1.6 carats medium quality: Major in size with high sparkle and nearly colorless appearance is perfect for the girl who wants more size but isn't all about quality stats. (VS2, G)


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