The Marine

Light-catching pave diamonds detail the band of this ring and create a halo around its brilliant center stone. This is the perfect selection for women who like to make a statement in a sophisticated way.


Featuring approximately 0.22 carats of round diamond side stones.


The center diamond pictured is between 1-1.25 carats.


This ring will be custom made just for you and will ship within two weeks. 

The Marine

Diamond ✶
  • 1 carat major quality: At the top of the quality scale this diamond is colorless with high sparkle. Perfect for the girl who wants all the right diamond stats. 

    (VS1, E)

    1 carat minor quality: Great for the girl who wants a 1 carat diamond but will sacrifice a little in quality. This stone cut is not perfect but will look beautiful in our settings. 

    (VS1, F)

    1.2 carats medium quality: This nearly colorless diamond has high sparkle. It's great for the budget conscious couple who wants a little more size for the price.

    (VS1, G)

    1.5 carats major quality: This diamond has all the right stats with a colorless appearance and high sparkle. Perfect for the girl who wants it all, quality and size.

    (VS2, E) 


    For more info and GIA certificates, check out our Diamond Guide:

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