The Aubrey

A modern approach to the traditional diamond ring, this piece features a unique band design and round side stones, set to be seen from every angle. The result is clean, fresh, and effortlessly beautiful. Featuring approximately 0.33 carats of round diamond side stones.


The center diamond pictured is between 1-1.25 carats.


This ring will be custom made just for you and will ship within two weeks. 

The Aubrey

  • 1 carat major quality: At the top of the quality scale this diamond is colorless with high sparkle. Perfect for the girl who wants all the right diamond stats. 

    (VS1, E)

    1 carat minor quality: Great for the girl who wants a 1 carat diamond but will sacrifice a little in quality. This stone cut is not perfect but will look beautiful in our settings. 

    (VS1, F)

    1.2 carats medium quality: This nearly colorless diamond has high sparkle. It's great for the budget conscious couple who wants a little more size for the price.

    (VS1, G)

    1.5 carats major quality: This diamond has all the right stats with a colorless appearance and high sparkle. Perfect for the girl who wants it all, quality and size.

    (VS2, E) 


    For more info and GIA certificates, check out our Diamond Guide: