The Ana

When more is more. This double halo in diamonds and sapphires creates a stunning effect for the girl who likes to stand out. A single row of sapphires spotlights the center stone and the outer row of diamonds and side stones add more sparkle to the overall look. 


Featuring 17 round sapphires totaling approximately 0.16 carats and 40 round diamonds totaling approximately 0.33 carats (VS, G-H). AA grade sapphires.


The center stone pictured in between 1-1.25 carats.


This ring will be custom made just for you and will ship within two weeks. 


The Ana

  • 0.8 carats medium quality: Nearly colorless and very high sparkle. Great for the girl who's willing to sacrifice some size for better diamond stats.

    (VS1, G)


    1 carat minor quality: Perfect for the more budget conscious, this diamond is lower on the quality scale but will be beautiful to the human eye. Great for the girl who doesn't care about diamond stats.

    (SI1, H) 


    1 carat medium quality: Nearly colorless with very high sparkle, so this diamond will absolutely shine. A great comprimise between size and quality.

    (VS2, G) 


    1.46 carats major quality: Nearly colorless with high sparkle. This beauty is for the girl who would like to have the right diamond stats and cares about size.

    (VS1, G)


    For more info and GIA certificates, check out our Diamond Guide: