Our Story

Where We Started

Which ring style does she want? How much will it cost? What are the 4 C’s? Who should I ask for advice? Shopping for an engagement ring is no small feat. The questions are endless, the answers are confusing, and the entire process can be overwhelming, intimidating, and stressful. 

In addition, women say that the most important element of the engagement ring is the style. But all too often traditional jewelers focus men’s attention solely on the diamond and neglect ring style. We experienced this problem first-hand and knew there must be a better way. 

We decided to combine our expertise as jewelry designers and industry experts with our data-driven proprietary ring matching technology to help with a solution. By designing rings with style at the forefront, we help hone in on individual ring styles to offer a personalized selection of rings that are special and chosen with love.

Ring Match: How It Works

First, answer a quick array of questions about your partner. After the survey, we’ll present you with a selection of rings based on your results: rings we guarantee she will love. You can then share options with family and friends for extra feedback. At any given time you can also browse our full curated collection under the Rings menu, or reach out to us for guidance. Purchase her ring directly from the site and have it shipped to your door within two weeks.


She gets what she wants and you get all the credit! (Our lips are sealed.)

Our Values


Our approach to ring matching is practical and no-nonesense. We use our experience and data, so there’s no hard sell here. Just a selection of rings we know she will love.


She’s one-of-a-kind – and her ring should represent that. Every piece we show you was designed by us and has been selected for its unique qualities and timeless appeal.


Call us a bunch of love-loving saps, but we’re invested in this working out. We stand behind the quality of our products and will happily answer any questions you might have.


Isabel's Team

Erin Urbina

Erin is a GIA-trained jewelry designer specializing in engagement rings. She saw how challenging the process had become for couples and was personally affected  when she witnessed her now-husband's difficulty in choosing her own engagement ring. Not only did he have to figure out what style she liked, but he was also suddenly navigating an industry he knew nothing about.


“Without my network of jewelers, I don’t know what my husband would have done! You can only do so much Googling before you hit a wall because cut, color and clarity are just the beginning,” Erin notes. “I want to make every couple feel like they have the inside track, so men don’t make buying the ring their full time job and women get exactly what they want.”


Erin graduated from the University of California, Berkeley and has an MBA from IE Business school.

Yvonne Seiler

Yvonne has always loved jewelry (the bigger the better), but she feels especially connected to the meaningfulness of engagement rings. While exploring the industry she realized that the market was ripe for an infusion of cool. Just because a couple is getting married doesn’t mean that they all want the traditional bridal experience.


At Isabel Bond, Yvonne is dedicated to changing the way people shop for engagement rings, giving couples an intriguing and fun experience while maintaining the utmost levels of quality. By communicating with men and women in a language they can understand (no diamond jargon), she believes that Isabel Bond can improve each couple's once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Yvonne graduated from New York University and has an MBA from IE Business School.

Azhar Jaffer

Frustrated with his own experience finding an engagement ring, he set out to make the process easier for guys just like him. He realized that jewelers are great at selling jewelry, but not great at matching couples to the perfect ring.


“I didn’t want just any ring, I wanted something that reflected her style, was unique, and showed I put in the effort finding it”. Creating a platform that sorts through thousand of options by her tastes instead of just the ring’s specs/characteristics just made sense. Using the technology that the internet provides, Azhar wanted to streamline the ring buying process with Isabel Bond.


Azhar graduated from the McGill University and has an MBA from IE Business school.